Street Finds and Ebay Snips — Two Pairs of Useful Wheels

I mulled over my next acquisitions for some long time. What to buy, what to find?

What I did not expect was for them to arrive simultaneously! 

But that is what happened on this day... 

I watch Ebay keenly for rare finds and I also have a very keen eye for common street rubbish that can be repurposed. Well, I came across a pair of well used Cessna control wheels on Ebay and then stumbled upon a lonely broken and abandoned child's scooter just around the corner of my street.

Neither could be ignored...

The first duo were offered as 'BIN' items, and with such a reasonable asking price that they had to be 'buy-it-right-now' because a little homework confirmed that they were indeed used in the Cessna 337. 


Not each... 

The pair!

Also they were located here in the UK which meant paying a very low postage price indeed compared to  the US —when you'll likely be asked to part with money equal to, if not in excess of the value of the purchased item and then have to account for import duties into the bargain.

I just hit the buttons, completed checkout, received confirmation, and then awaited their delivery. 

The scooter was taken up to my shop and there was butchered for parts. Firstly, for the wheels, which I thought might somehow be turned into elevator and rudder trim wheels. Secondly for the alloy and steel tubing and various clamps which I just knew would come in useful soon enough. 

A good days work, methinks.


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