Old, Dirty, Out of Shape — David Clarke H3341 Headset

Trawling Ebay earlier today I came across a gem of a find. An old aviation headset by David Clark, Worcester, Massachusetts, and one of the company's more unusual ones... 

(All photos here and description too, are the seller's originals) 

David Clark H3341 Headset. 

See all photos, old, dirty, out of shape, not tested, may not be complete, from what I can find out they only have 1 speaker /receiver in one side was not to sure, sold as you see, trade parts.

I cannot fault the seller's blunt and totally honest description. They are truly filthy looking!

Uhh! What a mess! 

A mess indeed but the genuine thing. 

The asking price a mere fiver and the total just a tenner including P&P.  For sure they'll need a lot of TLC and some spare parts too, most likely. But I'm certain they'll scrub up just fine.




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