The Far Bigger Picture

Ever since setting up the new sim I had wondered about what my next options were.  And of course, this is and always will be, a perennial problem (and pleasure!) with any hobby, because there are always, always new options! 

"What to buy in next?


The Mac is good but the screen is just too small. I open a flight map, it takes up half the screen!"

A curved 32 inch Samsung monitor on display at my local Curry's electrical appliance store that would fit just so in the new cockpit had caught my eye in the month prior, but being frugal and prudent I had waited it out. When I had dismissed all other upgrade options (all other Logitech flight-sim hardware!) and could wait no longer I marched over to purchase it.   

It was not to be...

Of said item they had neither stock in store (nor indeed in any other of the chain's stores!) nor had allowance to sell what I could see and touch right in front of me. It had been discontinued as a Curry's line and they would not come to a bargain because the monitor had not been switched off in over a year.

So what? 

My desktop Mac had not been switched off since 2017, excepting for just recently when it was moved to the new cockpit location when on start-up it promptly questioned the location of its own boot drive...

Electronics are best switched on once and left to live so long as they live, in my lifelong experience!

I walked away from the store with an HDMI lead and a USB C - HDMI gadget...


The flight map is now quarter screen. An old wrist watch has appeared. It will find a new home and new purpose no doubt!

Never to be defeated nor denied once I truly decide, I went to Ebay and there tried over and over again to purchase the same from other vendors but again, to no avail. I even ordered one 'in clearance' for 'damaged packaging' and completed checkout only to be disappointed next day by email.

"Sorry, Sir. Item no longer available..."

Hell and Buggery!

But then I spied something similar. An MSI version in the very same config! 

I bought it and this time succeeded in buying it outright. Within no time at all it arrived upon my doorstep and was taken upstairs for its grand unboxing.

"Oh my...   twice the size of the Mac!"

It fitted into its allotted space to a 'T'. Was wired in for both power and signal, booted up and with very little trouble at all was fully operational on port HDMI 2.


The sim was duly fired up and I flew to London City Airport and back again to Coventry in my favourite plane of all, never thinking for one moment about the new monitor so transfixed was I with the experience of flying through it.  

That is what a truly great addition does, is it not?

You just accept it and never look back in regret should it give you no reason to...


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